Swing Reverse Swing – Guitar Lessons Lynchburg

Swing = Long, Short, Long, Short…etc.

Reverse Swing = Short, Long, Short, Long…etc.

The concept applies to a technical exercise in this video, but I’m sure you can develop plenty of applications for music.

(Video has been update to, you know, not be wrong. Good catch by a viewer/commenter.)



4 thoughts on “Swing Reverse Swing – Guitar Lessons Lynchburg”

  1. This isn’t reverse swing, you’re just offsetting the melody by an eighth note. Regular Swing is a quarter note triplet followed by an eighth note triplet. Reverse Swing would be an eighth followed by a quarter

    1. You are correct. I didn’t realize I had simply changed my starting point in the counter-line until watching it again just now.

      It is possible to replace this video with one that is not rubbish, yes?

      I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for watching, and thanks for the correction.

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