The Reichard/Schroder Duo Demo

A new project of mine is a guitar/voice duo with voice teacher, Lauren Reichard. We are aiming for the retirement/rehabilitation communities for our performances.  We will certainly perform for other organizations too.

Have a listen and feel free to share:

Sharpening Your Ax – Guitar Lessons Lynchburg

If you have eight hours to chop down a tree, spend six hours sharpening your ax. This is a paraphrase of an Abraham Lincoln quote. In the case of music, your brain is the ax. This video is about some of my practicing philosophy.

Triplet Logical Picking Exercise – Guitar Lessons Lynchburg

I discovered during my improvisation practice on a tune this week that I have a problem in my picking technique. It was a line of triplets and the descending line was not happening very well. Here is the exercise I developed to correct the problem.