Speaking Up, Speaking Out

We need more of this activity and support in the music community. We might not have the same membership size as other industries, but we can certainly do better for ourselves if we work toward the same goals.

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Last week was life-transforming for me. In two days in Washington DC I experienced things that my younger self would never have predicted would be part of my life. For a girl who was always afraid to speak her mind, whether it was at home, at school, or at hobbies, it would have been unthinkable to her that her adult version would ever feel comfortable enough to voice her opinions and story on frickin’ Capitol Hill (!). But that is exactly what happened.

On April 8th, Blake Morgan (founder of ECR Music Group), Tommy Merrill (booking agent extraordinaire at The Press House) and I took the train to the nation’s capital, armed with a book of signatures from over 10,000 musicians and music-lovers. These are people who have heard the message of I Respect Music loud and clear, and want to finally see artists paid for their performances on the radio…

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