Autumn In New York – Guitar Lessons Lynchburg

Happy Thanksgiving! I don’t know of any Thanksgiving songs that really pluck my bird, but I joined a Jam of the Week page on FaceBook recently and this is the recent tune for people to post.

I tried a few new ideas on this one that have been simmering for a bit. The main change is listening to a few different recordings before I ever play the tune. The main purpose, in my mind, in doing this is to have a general sound in my head before learning to play the tune. I’m not really concerned about ‘Playing’ ideas as much as I am listening for melody-phrasing ideas, a general concept of arrangement/fill placement, and did I find a recording I like to hear.

Anyway, I hope you like it:


2 thoughts on “Autumn In New York – Guitar Lessons Lynchburg”

  1. Well, Happy Thanksgiving to you, Justin. I miss the Turkey and dressing, pumpkin pie, all the nuts and family, but… I’ll be head’n back to the States soon, should be interesting, but a bit sad, too. Lost my sister last Christmas Eve and my mother just recently had a stroke. Won’t have a guitar to play for my mother can hear, but I’ll try to pick one up at the Salvation Army.

    Well, you enjoy the holidays.

    1. I’m sorry to read the news about your sister and Mom. I hope you had a nice visit. I can only imagine how tough it is for you and others who have lost loved ones near or on Holidays.


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