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Sad News

Today brought sad news for me and many others; an icon from our pre-teen and teen years died at the age of 50.

One of my earliest cassette tapes (remember those?), was of Michael Jackson’s Bad.  My favorite tunes were Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, Smooth Criminal, and Man in the Mirror.

One of the coolest guitar arrangements I have heard was Man in the Mirror by Tuck Andress.

I can Moonwalk.  This was really hip when I was in middle school.  It’s probably not so impressive now.

One of the sweetest posts I’ve seen on FaceBook today is from Arika Dorsett.  She stated: “Michael Jackson died!!! How sad…he was such a big part of my childhood…very sad…I hope he knew the Lord….”

Not all the other comments were as considerate.  Shameful.



50+ Gig

Wednesday, May 13, Eric H. and I played for the Lynchburg Parks and Recreation’s 50+ group. We played a 30 minute set of jazz in the pavilion at Jefferson Park. We had not yet been to Jefferson Park and found it to be a very nice park with a recreation center. Our audience seemed to appreciate our playing and the provided lunch was wonderful.

I had never played an outdoor acoustic gig before the Jefferson Park affair. I had a really difficult time hearing my guitar. I could hear Eric just fine. I forgot to ask if his perspective was the opposite of mine; could he hear me more than himself?

My family and I went to Richmond this weekend per Celeste’s request to go there for her birthday. While there, we saw a few musicians playing on the sidewalk. One had his case open the way he was supposed to if he expects any tips, but was not playing. The others were playing but had no tip jar or open case. The thought occured to me that Eric and I could rub enough brain cells together to play and have a tip receipt area in the same instance.

Any suggestions for our first busking site?