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Daily Ditty 05132015 – Guitar Lessons Lynchburg

A bit of a rocker, this one.  Not much else to add.

Daily Ditty 05122015 – Guitar Lessons Lynchburg

This one was a little tough to get my mind around for the complimentary part. It is in an odd meter and I can usually view odd meters in a clear way, but I guess I was a little foggy brained this morning.

What I’m on about is that I view odd meters as one line, phrase, rhythm, whatever, then its inverse. ┬áMost people view odd meters one way, which is technically correct, but less exciting in this ‘Composer’s’ opinion.

Daily Ditty 05112015 – Guitar Lessons Lynchburg

I took a few days off from the Daily Ditty series. Not for lack of inspiration, but rather a schedule change.

I like to bike to work and doing so requires that I leave ten minutes earlier each morning. Well, this was the ten minute spot I was using to make the Daily Ditty.

I tried to make time in the evening for these, but I just don’t feel like doing it then. So sue me. If I am motivated enough to get out of bed when my earlier alarm sounds, then you will get a Daily Ditty.

Daily Ditty 04282015 – Guitar Lessons Lynchburg

Today’s Daily Ditty was created after waking with Tom Petty in my head. Not literally, that would not end well. However, it was a mashup of ‘Don’t Come Around Here No More’ and ‘American Girl’.

That’s enough to make one’s head explode.

I am doing this Daily Ditty series to encourage you in your own creativity. You can see my creative process with its mistakes and my moments of thought. Not that you can tell what I’m thinking, but you can see the smoke coming from my ears.

Please share if you like it. You can share if you hate it too.