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A Standard Notation/Theory Comment…

…I agree with the tiresomeness of ‘Theorists’, most of whom can’t play because they spend most of their time theorizing. However, nothing is more annoying than trying to work with ‘musicians’ in a professional setting such as a theatre production, or one of my bands when said ‘musician’ can’t read. At all.

There is so much to learn from standard notation; why add more handicaps to the process of becoming great?

Tablature does have a pedigree with string instruments like violin as well. This was developed to assist with more specific information regarding timbre. Ever notice that the open E on string one sounds completely different than the ‘Same E’ on fret seventeen on string five?

I don’t think tablature was developed as a way to skip the process of learning how to read and write music in standard notation.

Poets can read and write, so should musicians.