Cheap Music Lessons

Often, the first question from a potential student or parent is ‘How much do you charge?’

Since I am not a doctor, an attorney, a stock broker, or independently wealthy, I understand the need to do as much as possible within my level of earnings.

However, if I were the parent, I would want to know what I am paying for and who I am allowing to spend time with my child. What will this person tell my child about music and will this ‘teacher’ actually develop an ability in my child to play music?

If I were the student, I would want to know if I can understand what the ‘teacher’ is talking about during the lessons. Will I spend a lot of time looking at the back of his/her head while he/she writes out a song chart, or will this person save my time and just buy one online and print it immediately? Will I learn at my level with a slight step of difficulty above my current ability, or will the ‘teacher’ just choose at random what we will do at the beginning of each lesson with no significant thought about my goals or observation of students similar to me?

Most people buy the best house they can afford. Imagine looking through the lists of homes that are available. How do you think the lowest priced property will look? Will it have paint on the walls, a sink in the kitchen, doors, a complete bathroom?

Most of us buy the best vehicle we can afford. Imagine what the cheapest car in the classified ads or on Craigslist would look like? Will this car have an engine or transmission. Will the tires be bald? Will it have paint, doors, or the sink from the cheapest house in the trunk?

Would you send your children to the school with the lowest paid teachers if you had a choice? Would you strive to be accepted to the lowest prices college or university, or do you instead research and apply to the schools best suited to your career or education beliefs and goals?

If music is an artistic and creative endeavor that feeds the soul, what exactly are you trying to acquire at the lowest price?