Thank You, and Goodnight.

Change: Embrace or lament.

I like change. I used to fear change greatly and to great depths of anxiety. Lament.

I now embrace change; at least I like to believe that I embrace change.

The discovery of self; a lifelong pursuit that is a process of change. There are a set of beliefs that lead to a series of actions and the development of life-conditions. Wealth/Poverty; Love/Loneliness; Happiness/Misery; etc.

All elements of life change? Do they really change, or does our perception change? I believe that our perception changes and this affects our attitudes, emotions, and actions/behaviors.

Do people change? Yes. However, our perception of the motivations and concerns of others has more bearing on our interaction, be it peaceful or violent, than the truth regarding how others feel and are motivated to behave and respond.

How I feel is more important than how others feel or how I think I should feel. Discovering and defining those emotions are the key to understanding our attitudes, emotions, and therefore our actions and behaviors.

What are my emotions in regard to my wife, my children, my parents, my sibling or siblings, other people in my life, my car, my hobbies, myself, my friends, who are my friends and over which period are they my friends and do they move to acquaintance status, do others move from acquaintance status to becoming friends and why?

Embracing change seems to be a matter of control; control over one’s life. If I decide to exchange one behavior for another, what has become of the previous behavior? It has been removed. I have decided that I do not wish to engage in the previous behavior and believe that I will prefer the new behavior.

Focus can be overly subscribed. At what point does one realize that focus has become an obstacle and not a key component of success? I suppose there is a point of diminishing returns in all endeavors. Is it wrong for one to choose a course of action for the benefit of others without the ability to determine the benefit to one’s self? Is it healthy to engage in a behavior or life-work that will enhance the lives of people on one side of one’s life for the benefit of others on the opposite side of one’s life.

Helping others in one’s work to benefit the lives of one’s family without consideration for the credit and debit sides of the life-ledger in regard to one’s own physio- and psychological health; is this a dangerous situation no matter the reasoning?

Being selfish, and being inconsiderate must be two different conditions. If I run away from danger, but do not save another; should I be accused of inconsiderate behavior?
“Parents, please place your oxygen mask on your face first, so that you may then save your children, and perhaps other passengers” is a concept for airplane emergencies for a reason.

The reason is this:
How can we save others if we are also in the presence of imminent danger?

What motivates and sustains me is focused and mutually beneficial activities with others. I feel good about myself when I am valued by, and of value to, other people.

So, to those activities of which and with whom there is a value imbalance to me; Thank you, and goodnight.